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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

what I have been doing for 7 months!!

Oh Boy can't seem to find time to post on my blog. Too much going on. The last 7 months have been busy with quilting and most recently knitting. I have been knitting all summer long. Did not want to spend the nice months in my basement sewing room. Don't get me wrong my sewing room is to die for and I love it but it isn't as bright and sunny as my back porch. Loving the knitting I am doing and learning all kinds of new stitches. Definetly went out of my comfort zone this summer. Made some realy great stuff. Stop by my ravelry site to see some of the knitting I have been doing. I do have to get back to quilting though. I have several quilt tops completed and need to get them off to Millie for quilting. Pics later when the are done.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year a Lot late!

Wow! Been a while since I posted. But have been really busy sewing. Finished the Birdie Stitches. Made a pirate quilt for Brody and a Sherbert Pips pillow for Hannah. Did lots more too. Will add them to future posts.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi: Been most of the summer since I have posted. Been very busy making quilts and smaller projects. I have taken lot of pics but have not spent any time posting. Sorry about that but I do enjoy sewing and playing in the summer.

Moose on the Porch is starting another QAL starst this time. I so enjoyed the last one I am starting this one too. Starts next week and I plan on using all of my own fabric in my sewing room. NO NEW FABRIC WILL BE PURCHASED FOR THIS QUILT...THAT IS MY VOW. USE UP MY STASH SO I CAN BUY MORE.
Thanks moose on the porch.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch bag tutorial by Buzzing and Bumbling! Great fun

Yesterday I made this great little bag for my granddaughter. I owed her one since I made her brother a Cat in the Hat bag. It will hold all her dolly treasures. I also made her doll, Emma, a blanket that matches the bag. I found the tutorial at this blogspot.

I had no real problems with the constuction or the instuctions,except I put the seam of the bag right where I put my tie. Should have made them opposites, but no worries Hannah will love it anyway. Plan on making a few more too and will correct my errors then. I used denim in the bottom and handle for more stability. Iw was a good choice worked out nicely. I will also make the handle just a bit longer. All in all a great tutorial and nicely done. Thank you Linda.

Here is a picture.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Simple Things QAL - boy what small pieces!!

WOW!! I spent the other day cutting the pieces out and when I was finished it dawned on me how small all these pieces were. Spent yesterday and today sewinig them together. Had to take a break and show what progress I have made. The pieces actually went together pretty easily. I was surprised too cause those small pieces are not as easy to work with as I thought. The only part I changed was on the pin wheels I did not cut the first few threads, I pressed open my seams, something I learned from another QAL while making flying geese. The seams lay just as nicely. What luck because I sure was not looking forward to ripping them out and redoing them.
Here is a pic of what I have finished so far.

Oh, I also put together 2 backing fabrics for two other QALs I finished. They will mail off to my quilter, Millie, of Millie's Quilting.

It also rained cats and dogs today!! Not that I wanted a lot of rain but we sure needed it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simple Things QAL cut pieces today

Well, summer has been coming along. School is out and I am on vacation. Did nothing for 2 days, a little yard work, barn work then nothing. So today I decided to get working on this QAL. Not too much trouble cutting out the pieces. Choosing fabric background was not easy but decided on a yellow plaid type fabric. and for the other pieces I chose some scraps I had purchased a long time ago. I sure hope they all go well together. If not we will have a hodgepodge quilt top.
Here is the pic of the pieces. Have not cut out the rectangles yet, wanted to do a post first.