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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch bag tutorial by Buzzing and Bumbling! Great fun

Yesterday I made this great little bag for my granddaughter. I owed her one since I made her brother a Cat in the Hat bag. It will hold all her dolly treasures. I also made her doll, Emma, a blanket that matches the bag. I found the tutorial at this blogspot.

I had no real problems with the constuction or the instuctions,except I put the seam of the bag right where I put my tie. Should have made them opposites, but no worries Hannah will love it anyway. Plan on making a few more too and will correct my errors then. I used denim in the bottom and handle for more stability. Iw was a good choice worked out nicely. I will also make the handle just a bit longer. All in all a great tutorial and nicely done. Thank you Linda.

Here is a picture.


  1. You did a great job on the little bag! Thanks for giving it a try. You're right, the handle could be longer! I have small hands, so it worked for me, but may be too snug for others. Thanks!

  2. It's great Cathy... thanks for the link too...