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Friday, February 18, 2011

Block a Palooza- first four

HI: Can't sleep and since I haven't posted in a looong time I thought I would use the sleepless time to update pictures, blog and just plain catch up.

I have been working hard to keep up with the block a palooza quilt along sponsored by Quilt Dad and I did manage to get four completed. I used the same fabric as instructed, mostly because I just am not that good a putting fabric together color wise and I am tired of using my stash and deserved to buy some new fabric. So here are the first four.

I enjoyed putting these together and the instructions on them were pretty good and I had no real problems. Although I will say on block 2, which I put together perfectly, with one small exception. You must read all your instructions. I got it all together and found it was too big and did not meet the same size requirements. I missed a very important step in the instructions, that was to trim each 9 patch to size, then assemble the block. So I had to rip out the seams and reassemble the block. Sometimes we get too cocky and think we know where the designer is going. Not so. READ YOUR INSTRUCTIONS TWICE,CUT ONCE AND SEW ONCE.

Anyhow I love this quilt along, it is fast, fun and will be ready in no time. Thanks Quilt Dad and all the designers. If you want a fast quilt along join this one.
Block a Palooza! It's a really cool quilt along.

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  1. I wanted to follow along on this QAL but I've been so busy. Nice to see some of the blocks done so far. Love them! Are you using the fabrics they are using or did you choose something different? Either way, very nice!